• For $75 a month, reign at the top with invitations to private events and more. All the benefits of the noble caste. Invitations to exclusive events and private meetings with the Brotherhood of Lilims. Influence on the future direction of the community.
    With $50 a month, access the most exclusive and VIP circle. All the benefits of the Merchant Caste. Access to an exclusive VIP club. Networking opportunities with members of The Brotherhood of the Lilims. The votes of members of the noble caste are worth 2 per privilege of their caste.
    Contribute $35 per month and enjoy unique promotions. All the benefits of the Warrior Caste. They can make Collaborations with the Brotherhood and open businesses at Empire events. Recognition in the community with a special badge. can participate as a candidate for imperial council positions and serve as a council officer
    For $20 a month, get ready to conquer with early access to events. All the benefits of the Artisan Caste. Early access to events and releases. Q&A sessions with special guests. They can vote in the annual elections to choose leaders of the Imperial Council
    the craftsman caste: Raise your status by $10 per month and access exclusive content. All the benefits of the worker caste. Access to exclusive content and can order particular requests in rituals. Participation in monthly draws.
    The worker caste: For only $5 a month, immerse yourself in the heart of our community. Basic access to the community and selected forums. Discounts on events and merchandise.
    free membership and access to our website and community it does cost a $1 donation as an upfront cost

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