40$ / 1 Month

The Chosen are the elite members of the Lilim Empire, embodying the highest level of commitment, spiritual mastery, and leadership within the community. As a Chosen member, you will enjoy unparalleled access to exclusive rituals, significant discounts on ceremonial tools and jewelry, and a voice in the governance of our sacred society. This membership level is designed for those who seek to immerse themselves fully in the teachings of Lilianism and play an active role in shaping the future of the Lilim Empire.

Everything in the Keeper plan, plus

  • 50% discount on ceremonial tools, essential for performing your own rituals and ceremonies.
  • 50% discount on exquisite jewelry, helping you adorn yourself with symbols of Lilianism.
  • Invitations to participate in level 2 rituals, including pacts, lunar rituals, weddings, and funerals, deepen your involvement in our spiritual practices.
  • Right to vote in annual elections for community leadership positions (moderators, promoters, recruiters, and leaders), giving you a voice in the future direction of the Lilim Empire.


20$ / 1 Month

The Keepers are the dedicated stewards of the Lilim Empire, embodying a profound commitment to the principles and practices of Lilianism. As a Keeper, you will enjoy an enriched experience that deepens your spiritual connection, broadens your knowledge, and integrates you further into our sacred community. This membership level offers exclusive access to rituals, discounts on sacred items, and a wealth of resources to enhance your spiritual journey.

Everything in the Devotees plan, plus

  • 50% discount on beautiful Lilith statues, perfect for your altar or sacred space.
  • Invitations to participate in level 1 rituals, enhancing your spiritual connection.
  • Access to the Lilim Empire photo gallery collection, featuring high-quality images of our ceremonies, events, and community.
  • 50% discount on books available in our online store, covering topics from ancient Babylonian rituals to modern interpretations of Lilianism.
  • Participation in level 2 forums dedicated to Empire collaborators allows for more engaged and meaningful interactions with like-minded individuals.


10$ / 1 Month

Becoming a devotee of the Lilim Empire signifies a deeper commitment to the practices and teachings of Lilianism. As a devotee, you will be embraced by a community that cherishes the ancient traditions of Lilith and her progeny, the Lilim spirits. This membership level offers you exclusive access to enriching experiences and deeper connections within our sacred practices.


  • Invitations to exclusive events and festivals celebrating Lilith and the Lilim tradition.
  • Participation in level 1 forums, where you can engage in deeper discussions about Lilianism.
  • Opportunity to apply as a volunteer at various events and ceremonies, gaining hands-on experience in our sacred practices.
  • Community Respect: Being recognized as a devotee demonstrates your dedication to the Lilianism path. This recognition can help you build stronger relationships with other members and contribute to your sense of belonging within the community.
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